Giro d'Italia 102 - The project

Event’s Way, thanks to the experience and passion for the world of sport, was present in each stage of 2019 Giro d’Italia edition with over 40 staff people and a dedicated team to Giro E. The goal was to support the presence of Toyota in this new and long-awaited journey through Italy by implementing the brand’s ability to relate to its public through guerrilla activities, leads, gadgets and test drives in the context of the event. The Japanese manufacturer – official supplier of the cars for the most famous pink race in the world – has made available a Full Hybrid Electric fleet formed by the RAV4 Hybrid models and the new Corolla Hybrid Touring Sportsche which had the advantage of reducing exhaust emissions during the races.


Giro d'Italia 101 - The project

22 teams, 176 runners, 21 stages, 3,546,2 km. The Giro d’Italia 101st edition, the most popular national sports event, will make history! It started in Jerusalem, outside Europe borders for the first time, and ended in Rome. Event’s Way with Alfa Romeo followed the exciting journey¬†along the Italian boot, during the arrivals and departures, but also along the convoy with 4C Spider, Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio car models customised exclusively for this event.